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If you want to know what turns me on, the answer is men. If you want to know the site I use to satisfy those urges, it’s I have to admit I do have a soft spot for this site. It was actually the first porn subscription that I ever bought. They’ve been online since 2003, so there are tons of lucky guys like me who have gotten to experience high-quality gay porn for decades.

For the rest of you that are just now jumping on board, that means you are going to gain access to a huge archive of exclusive content that is still updating and successful after all of these years. There’s no better testament to the success of a site than its staying power, especially in this industry.

Now you too can jump in on the fun and even save 84% with a discount. There are tons of gorgeous guys here to meet and see how they like to fuck in intense and explicit hardcore scenes. Welcome to the party!

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The masculine form is a beautiful thing. That is especially true when the men are well built and proud to show off the physique they have worked so diligently to achieve. The male models inside of are perfect examples. is a hardcore gay porn site, but it isn’t non-stop fucking. The men are showcased and you are given ample opportunity to appreciate them without their clothes. Lots of impressive biceps and abs are displayed, as well as cut and uncut cocks. The asses are what I enjoy most though. Use this 73% off link to

One of the series that really had me paying attention here was “Ass Swap”. In part 1, hunky Ryan Bones orders a toy pussy to play with. When it arrives, he is eager to get down to business, but discovers he was sent an ass by mistake. With the toy on his bed, he leaves the room and his roommate, Tegan Zayne sneaks in and replaces the fake ass with his very real one. When Ryan returns, he starts pounding away into his toy, remarking on how real it feels, that’s when Tegan throws back the covers to reveal himself. It’s ridiculous and completely unbelievable, but so much fun to watch and really hot to jerk off to.

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